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Group Program Information

Why consider group programs?

Group programs are a great way to support your child’s therapy progress, bringing the skills they are learning in their individual therapy sessions to a dynamic group setting. Our group programs aim to cater to a wide variety of needs and key focus areas, whilst showing flexibility to the needs of your child and the wider group. 


How large are the groups?

Our group programs generally range from 4-8 participants in size, depending on the age range and skills targeted in the group. We prioritise our quality of service, a smaller group size allows us to support the needs of each child. 



What is the frequency of the group programs?

The majority of our programs run termly and are offered on a weekly basis.  Please note that when enrolling in one of our programs, it is considered a commitment for the whole term.​


What are the costs for group programs?

Individual session costings are dependent on the number of participants enrolled at the outset of a term and as such can vary between programs. This is in line with NDIS guidelines.  The costing of any program you enrol in will be confirmed with you prior to commencement. 

Is the group program only available to NDIS clients?

Private-paying clients are also welcome to access our group program.  If you have a Medicare referral, please note this could not be used for these sessions.

Do you offer paired sessions?

Occasionally, our therapists have capacity to offer paired sessions.  It is important for us to ensure that clients will be a good fit for one another and are working towards similar goals, so pairings are made with careful consideration.

Can we access your group program if our child is not a current client?

This may be possible (please refer to the note below).  Our intake process for new group clients involves two individual appointments: a parent/carer session and one with your child. Following this, a handover report is written and provided to the group facilitator.  Please complete our Group Expression of Interest Form to provide us with more information. 

To register your interest in our Groups Program, please click on the button below to complete our Group Expression of Interest Form:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EXTERNAL CLIENTS:  We are careful to consider a child's needs within a group dynamic as we want participation to be a positive experience.  Please note that for this reason, attending these two sessions does not guarantee a place in the group program.  If a place is not offered, we will collaborate with you and explore other options to work towards the goal of group participation, this may include individual or paired therapy sessions.

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