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School & Early Education OT Visits


Working in partnership with you and your child’s educators is important to support shared problem solving and integration of strategies into their everyday life, natural environments and daily routines.  As OT sessions make up less than 1% of their life, this is of utmost importance! 


We aim to work with teachers to:

  • Understand what is working and not working for your child in the educational setting.

  • Collaborate and problem solve together.

  • Work in partnership towards a shared purpose and goals for your child.

  • Work as a team with your family, carers and other allied health professionals.​


Prior to an educational visit being arranged, initial assessment takes place at our clinic.  

OT Education Settings Visits 

  • Observation Visit and Feedback – these visits are generally 60 mins + 30 mins to provide a written summary of observations and ideas to experiment with (Total: 90 mins + travel)

  • Ongoing school visits – 55 mins + 15 mins feedback (total 70 mins + travel)  

  • Teacher check ins when possible during school visits. 

  • OTs can attend a Student Support Group Meeting (SSG) to contribute to Individual Learning Plan Strategies (ILP) at your request. Please see the Education Department website for information. 

Some schools are adjusting their policies and requesting OTs do not have contact with teachers during their visits.  If this is the case, we recommend clinic appointments instead.  Your OT will discuss this with you if this is the case.

Communication between Teachers, Parents & Caregivers 

An OT summary of the session will be sent following the visit and emailed to you and your child’s team.  This helps everyone to be on the same page, work towards a shared purpose and weave strategies into the child’s life. It is important for you and the educational team to: 

  • Share updates about issues that have arisen between OT sessions so we can address and explore these in sessions. 

  • Share feedback about what is or isn’t working.   

  • Raise questions and give feedback about strategies, observations, and behaviours.

Parent & Carer Coaching 

Parent / Carer coaching sessions are required at least once a term when your child is accessing school visits.  More frequent sessions can be scheduled if required.  This allows us to work in partnership and support problem solving and integration of strategies across home and school.  Read more about why parent & carer coaching is essential here

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Administration Fees 

Shared team problem solving

We charge an administration fee for setting up school visits and liaising with your child’s teachers.  Administration tasks include: completing school forms and induction, sending through required documentation and liaising with teachers to set up school visit sessions.  Depending on individual school requirements, these tasks take between 30 – 60 minutes.  Your OT will confirm the administration charge with you.  This will be added to your child’s first school visit session of the year. 


Please speak to your OT if you have any questions about your child’s School or Early Education visits. 

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