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Groups Expression of Interest Form

Section 1 - General Information

Please complete the general information below in order for us to follow up with you about our group program and provide any group updates.

Which of the following best describes the group participant's current situation?
Child's Preferred Pronouns
A group intake process is required for all non-Spark clients. Please click on the link above to read important Group Program Information
In a group setting, is there a risk of your child exhibiting any of the following behaviours?
Section 2 - Groups for 2024

Our term-time groups run on a termly basis.  More information about the group is provided by clicking the 'Group info' button below.

Which of the following groups is of interest to you? You can select more than one option.
Which, if any, of the term-time groups running in 2024 are of interest to you?

What are the main area/s of focus for group participation?  Please click all responses that apply in the sections below.

Friendship Skills and Social Problem-Solving
Self-regulation, emotional awareness & wellbeing
Attention and Executive Function
Play and Leisure
Motor Skills
Life Skills
What groups would be of interest to your child?

Thank you for submitting this questionnaire.

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