How we can help 

The Spark Therapy Services is a paediatric Occupational Therapy service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Our philosophy is to promote the participation, well-being and relationships of children and their families.  We do this through through advocacy,  empathetic understanding, supporting connections, developing self-awareness, building capacity and knowledge.  


Our aim is to support children and their families to flourish in their everyday lives. The Spark team of Occupational Therapists (OT's)...


  • Are committed to delivering creative and evidence informed services for the families they work with.   


  • Work collaboratively with the child's family, therapy and educational team to ensure the best outcomes for children.​  Our staff are trained in coaching and they work in partnership with families, to problem solve and find meaningful solutions. 


  • Provide practical and realistic strategies to empower and build the capacity of the family and educational team so that they can continue to support the growth and development of their child.  


  • Support children to develop their confidence, sense of identity and self-awareness. 


  • Build knowledge and understanding within the wider community about positive relationships, self-regulation and well-being.    ​​

  • Why are we called The Spark?  Our name captures the spark of an idea, a connection, a feeling.  The spark of inspiration and excitement, or the sparkle in one’s eye.  The spark that stimulates interest and kindles something bigger. The spark of electricity when a neuron fires!   We all need to find our child's inner spark, as well as our own.  We look forward to learning about and discovering your child's spark.  

The Spark provides Occupational Therapy (OT) services to children in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Please Contact us to make an appointment with our experienced team of paediatric OT's.

Photo of child exploring nature. The Spark paediatric Occupational Therapy support children to develop their confidence, sense of identity and self-awareness.
Your child's occupational therapist will:

  • ​Work in collaboration with you, as you know your child best.


  • Ask what’s important to you, and work together to set goals.  Goal setting is an important part of our work, so we can celebrate achievements. 


  • Work to understand your strengths and those of your child and family, and build on these.

  • Send written feedback following each session.  It is important that we understand how you best learn, as this will help us provide information that is meaningful and relevant to you.

  • Work with you to problem-solve strategies and ideas that can be used in your everyday life.


  • Share information with your child’s team – with your consent.  This may include other health professionals and/or your child’s educators, so that we can all work together.