Parent & Carer Coaching 

At The Spark, we place great importance on empowering and educating parents and caregivers to find ways to help their child and family flourish.  We focus on building your capacity to integrate strategies into your everyday life. 

Strong, safe and connected relationships are essential for children to learn about themselves and their world.  Attuned relationships are the safe harbour children come home to.  They nurture self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience.   

We offer parent & carer coaching and consultation services and work in partnership with you, using evidence-informed approaches to help you navigate your parenting journey.  We work with infants through to adolescents and can support you with parenting strategies for all age groups.   Areas you may seek support for...

  • Understanding and managing behaviour. 

  • Strength based parenting.  

  • Reading and responding to your child's signs of stress. 

  • Strengthening relationships and attunement skills. 

  • Developing structure and routines.  

  • Oppositional behaviour. 

  • Creating a home environment to support your child's developmental needs.

  • Understanding and making sense of your child's developmental profile.

  • Eating and feeding.  

  • Sleep and settling. 

If you are interested in this service, please contact us using the form below​.  This service is available to families on the waiting list, whilst they await regular appointments.  It is also open to new families.  

Empowering and educating parents and caregivers

Supporting you to become a behavioural detective 

Strengthening connection & attunement skills