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Photo of child peeking out from tree. Paediatric occupational therapy starts with an assesment of a child's developmental strengths and challenges. 
Occupational Therapy Services 
The Spark Therapy Services offers a variety of Occupational Therapy services to meet the needs of children and their families.  Our clinic sessions take place at our Diamond Creek Road clinic.  Our therapists also visit clients in their home setting, at school, kinder or childcare.  

Before your initial appointment

  • Please complete and return the online forms. 

  • Please complete the parent questionnaire as this helps us learn about your child and family before we meet you. 

  • Please send your child's teacher, the teacher questionnaire (if applicable).  


The initial appointment is a parent only session.  This allows us to talk with you, gather some background information, set goals and begin initial problem solving before we begin working with your child at the follow-up appointment.

Photo of child bike riding in nature. Paediatric occupational therapists at The Spark Therapy Services start with an assesment of a child's developmental strengths and challenges. 


Paediatric occupational therapists provide assessments of children’s developmental strengths and challenges. 

We work collaboratively with families to develop goals and therapy plans to support their child’s development.

To find out more follow the link to our OT assessment information. 

Photo of children doing imaginative play with boxes. Paediatric occupational therapists provide OT therapy services in clinic, at home or school and kinder settings.


We deliver creative and fun individual, paired and group sessions to develop skills, knowledge, self-esteem and wellbeing.

We also offer rental of the Safe and Sound Protocol.


Please contact us for more information about our Occupational Therapy Services or if you have any questions.  

Photo of books. Our team of Occupational Therapists (OT) at the Spark Therapy Services deliver parent and educator workshops.


We provide education and coaching to build capacity and confidence in caregivers and the child's educational team.

We deliver training sessions for parents and educators that aim to: 

  • Spark curiosity

  • Build self-awareness & reflection skills

  • Empower through knowledge

  • Strengthen relationships

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