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Spark Care Pathways 

A foundation of our philosophy is working in partnership with families.  Through this collaboration, we can establish meaningful and practical strategies which broaden knowledge and deepen understanding - for a child, their parents, carers and a child’s team. 

Change occurs when strategies and ideas are woven into everyday life.  Ultimately, the overarching aim of childhood intervention is to work towards a reduction in therapy.  This is done by building capacity in a child and their family to problem-solve new challenges as they arise, using skills they have acquired through therapeutic support. 


Changes to our service  

With this in mind, The Spark is implementing an organisation-wide change to the way service is delivered.  In place of indefinite service, blocks of sessions will be offered.  Offering service in this way ensures that each session is purposeful and works towards clearly defined goals.  Furthermore, this framework allows for a more equitable service that will see a broad community of families being given the opportunity to access supports. 


Starting service with us 

6-session foundation block 

All new clients are offered a foundation block of six sessions, generally offered at the same time fortnightly.  The initial session is always a parent only appointment to learn more about your child and your family and to understand what is needed from occupational therapy.  From here, a plan can be developed for the next five sessions. Options can include: 

For some clients, six sessions may be sufficient, while for others, further service is required.  These foundation sessions can also provide a springboard for further parent collaboration sessions or access to our group program.  Following the 6-session foundation block, options are: 

  • No further service required 

  • Return to the waiting list for service at a later date 

  • Access other services

  • Engage a support worker or therapy assistant to implement therapy ideas. 

  • Further parent coaching & collaboration sessions  

  • Participation in our Group programs

  • Parent & Carer Education Programs 

Further Sessions 

Where further support is needed, the next block of therapy comprises 10 fortnightly sessions and will be offered immediately following the six sessions where possible, as we recognise the importance of therapists and families building a strong relationship.  Again, a plan for this next block of support will be developed in collaboration with parents/carers, and goals set. 

The 6 (initial foundation block) + 10 fortnightly session model equates to a span of approximately 8 months of service.  In most cases, at the end of this service block, clients of school age (7 years and over) will be provided with a discharge summary and given the option to the return to the waiting list for service at a later date.   

In line with best practice for Early Years clients (those aged 0-6 years), our blocks of service will be available until the client’s 7th birthday.  This may mean multiple back-to-back blocks of service can be accessed for young clients in this age range. 

NDIS Reviews & Reports 

 If you have an NDIS review coming up, you can contact us a month prior to your meeting and we can complete an NDIS Review Report.  This will require:

  • Parent consultation to review goals and functional challenges (60 mins)

  • Completion of a Functional Capacity Assessment - such as the PEDI-CAT or ABAS (see OT assessment information for details).  

  • Report writing time (90 mins – 2 hours). 

Please note, we require at least 6 weeks notice to book in these appointments and write a report. 

Parent / Carer Consultation and Coaching 
During your break from OT, you have the option of booking in for a parent coaching session if the need arises.  This may be to seek support with an issue that arises or problem solve together. 
Parent / Carer Education Programs 

We create learning experiences that are designed to: 

  • Spark curiosity

  • Build self-awareness & reflection skills

  • Empower through knowledge

  • Build confidence and capacity 

  • Strengthen relationships

We offer both live events and recorded learning opportunities.  We run live Question & Answer Group sessions for parents who have participated in our Education Workshops. 

Care Pathway Flowchart - updated_edited.
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