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Short-term Intervention Sessions

Child Counseling


  • Explore & understand your child’s behaviour and underlying challenges. 

  • Build understanding of your child’s developmental level and needs.

  • Facilitate shared problem solving to help you support your child’s emotional and self-awareness and skill development.

  • Support you & your child’s team with ideas and tools to experiment with.


Playing in Sand


6 sessions in total

(1 parent only session + 5 additional sessions)


A plan for the additional sessions will be developed in collaboration with your child's therapist. Possible service options include:


Photo of books. Our team of Occupational Therapists (OT) at the Spark Therapy Services deliver parent and educator workshops.


Other OT Service Providers: If you would like to contact other OT service providers, you may like to refer to the Find an OT page from OT Australia. 


The Spark - Online Parent Education Sessions: We are also offering monthly live parent education online sessions covering a variety of topics.  For further information, please take a look at our Events page


Resources and Fact Sheets:  For additional resources and fact sheets, please see our Resources and Factsheet webpages.



Why do I need a parent only session?

The parent only session will enable you and your child’s therapist to discuss your child’s needs openly. They will listen to your concerns and gain a deeper understanding of the focus for your child’s therapy and create a shared purpose for your child’s Short-Term Intervention sessions.


Is it possible to have a school observation as part of the Short-Term Intervention sessions?

Yes, however this will depend on clinician and school availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Can the sessions be used solely for parent / carer coaching?

Absolutely! Parent / carer coaching allows us to work in partnership with you, using evidence-informed approaches to help you navigate your parenting journey. We focus on building your capacity to integrate strategies into your everyday life through shared problem solving in our parent only coaching sessions.


Do Short-Term Intervention sessions automatically lead to ongoing sessions?

Unfortunately, as our clinicians are currently at full capacity, short-term sessions do not automatically lead to ongoing appointments. Short-Term Intervention sessions are an opportunity for families to work collaboratively with one of our therapists to develop practical strategies and tools to weave into everyday life. Your child can remain on the waitlist to receive further service when an appointment timeslot does become available.

When will your waiting list re-open? 

While we are unable to put an exact timeframe on when this will happen, you are welcome to complete our contact form to provide your contact details and a little information about your need for service so we can follow up with you when the waiting list does re-open. 


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