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We love sharing our ideas and knowledge to support you on your parenting journey.  These newsletters have been compiled by our fabulous team of OTs to encourage sparks of reflection, conversation and ideas.  


  • Providing support for your child in light of COVID-19,

  • Creating structure in unpredictable times,

  • Social distancing and maintaining relationships,

  • Activity ideas for home.

May Issue 2

  • How to Make Home-Schooling Work for You,

  • The Importance of Emotional Release,

  • Facilitating the Back-to-School Transition,

  • Activity Ideas for Home.

June Issue 3 

  • Special Time –

  • The Magic of Connection

  • Storytelling

  • Nurturing yourself

  • Nature Play

July Issue 4

  • Stress - What is it?

  • Following the Child’s Lead

  • The Importance of Play

  • Activity Ideas for Home

Aug / Sept Issue 5 

  • The Importance of Connection

  • Understanding Motor Skills

  • Crossing the Midline

  • Riding the Waves of Change

Oct Issue 6

  • Covid 19 update 

  • Returning to School after Home Learning 

  • Acknowledging Transitions 

  • Connecting with Nature 

  • Ideas for Home 


Issue 7

  • Christmas shutdown period 

  • End of Year Transition

  • Primitive Reflexes 

  • Misbehaviour vs Stress Behaviour 

  • Ideas for Home 

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