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What we do...

The Spark Therapy Services is a Melbourne-based paediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) team.  Our aim is to support children and their families to find their spark and flourish in their everyday lives. 

Our experienced team of Occupational Therapists (OT's) provide Occupational Therapy appointments from our clinic based in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  We also offer regular parent education sessions.

Our OT's can also visit clients in their home setting, at school, kinder or childcare.  The Spark is an NDIS provider for Occupational Therapy.

connection & Belonging

Humans are wired for social connection.  Healthy relationships and a sense of belonging and safety are a foundation of wellbeing.

compassion & KindNess

We encourage empathy and compassionate understanding of differences. All human beings flourish in an environment of goodwill and kindness. 


A feeling that radiates joy, playfulness, enthusiasm and zest.  We want to foster this in our work, relationships and life.  We want to discover your child's spark!    

Curiosity & Learning

We are forever curious and love learning.  We value developing our knowledge so we can provide the best services for your child and family that we can. 

Our Core Values

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