COVID-19 Appointment Attendance Information 

Here is an overview of our Covid-safe practices:

Our therapists:

  • Will not attend your child’s appointment if they are unwell.  

  • Will be wearing a mask and face shield during the session. 

  • Are fully vaccinated

  • Will practise physical distancing and good hand hygiene measures

  • Will be unable to provide service if anyone attending an appointment is unwell. 

  • If conducting a home visit, will not bring resources into your home.  

We ask that clients and their families:

  • Review our Appointment Attendance Questions ahead of each appointment. These are included in our email appointment reminder message and sent 72 hours’ prior to a scheduled appointment: 

  • Please do not attend appointments if any of the Appointment Attendance statements apply.

  • Wear a mask in sessions and during home visits (children aged 8+ and adults).  

  • Do not use the waiting room.  Your OT will let you know when to come in for your appointment.    

  • If your child is immunocompromised, please advise your child’s therapist of any additional measures that may need to be taken.

  • Full details of our CovidSafe Plan can be found here

  • Please inform us if you or your child attended the clinic within your infectious period.  If you had symptoms, your infectious period is considered two days before you noticed symptoms.  If you didn’t experience symptoms, your infectious period started two days before the day you got tested.

All the steps we are taking are in line with Victorian & Australian Government guidelines.  We will continue to review our policy and procedures in line with government advice. 

Please do not attend your appointment if you or someone that you live with... 

  • Is awaiting a coronavirus (COVID-19) test result (PCR or RAT)

  • Is unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), such as a cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, fever or loss of sense of taste or smell

  • Arrived in Australia within the last 7 days without confirmation of a negative RAT or PCR test

  • Has been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) and has not yet completed 7 days isolation.

  • Has been deemed a close household contact of a person diagnosed with COVID 19 and has not yet completed 7 days isolation and returned a negative day 6 RAT or PCR test.

  • Has been identified as a social, workplace or education contact and is experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. 

  • If any of the statements above apply to you or any member of your household, please do not attend your appointment.  Contact your OT to arrange another appointment time or you can arrange a non-face-to-face appointment (e.g. phone consultation, online consultation, report writing) in place of the scheduled in-person appointment if this is an option. 

COVID 19 Vaccination Information 

People with a disability are eligible for a vaccination.  The links below provide useful information about the vaccine and resources to help your child prepare.

What is the COVID-19 Vaccine? (Easy Read) 

Social Scripts 

Getting a Vaccine from my GP 

Getting a Vaccine from a Vaccination Centre 

COVID-19 Vaccine Questions Answered

Presented by The University of Melbourne

Ensuring your Health & Safety 

We have updated our COVID 19 Infectious Diseases Policy, which you can review here.  We also have a COVID Safe Workplace Plan in place to ensure the health and safety of you and your family, the staff and community.

Please check out our Blog for regular parent ideas and tips about supporting your child.